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The Binary Institute's MISSION is to enable graduate learners and professionals alike to be RETOOLED and UPSKILLED to match todays in-demand tech skills, new careers & opportunities. We are founded on a mission that is centred on graduate students with a focus on the Industry and through our peer-based collaborative approach, we deliver 90% curated hands-on specific technical skills that are in-demand in the industry and across the tech ecosystem.

Our ultimate VISION is the transforming of graduate learners and professionals who once armed with the relevant skills, knowledge and insight, would be confident to truly transform their lives and that of our society.


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We're operate around AFRICA and as Education evolves fast every day, we help you to retool and upskill at any of our labs. Learn Network Engineering, System Administration and DevOps in Dar es Salaam.

Our VALUE is to nurture creativity, sustainability, service delivery, respect and trust. As such, we are an innovative institution of learning operating across AFRICA which has been at the forefront of human capital capacity building in pursuit for creativity, innovation and above all social economic and digital transformation of AFRICA.


Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it." - Mwalimu Nyerere.

Our team of real world experienced software engineers, systems administrators, network engineers, cyber security experts, technology gurus and industry leaders harness years of industry experience to transfer skills and knowledge with tomorrows leaders. The team bestows our cohorts with innovative knowledge designed to Retool and Upskill our learners with impactful skills relevant in todays industry.

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We don’t think financial ability should be a barrier. That's why you can choose to defer your tuition until you land a job. When Holberton students succeed, everyone succeeds. Everyone should have access to quality education.

Next start date is September 06 for Tanzania
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