Binary (Labs) Retools & Upskills Grad Students & Professionals

We are founded on a mission to RETOOL & UPSKILL technical talent and teams among graduates and professionals with the focus on real-world hands-on domain specific tech industry skills.

Our Mission For Africa

Binary (Labs)

Our MISSION is to enable graduates and professional teams to be RETOOLED and UPSKILLED with hands-on knowledge to match todays in-demand technical skills and careers opportunities. We are founded on a mission that is centred around under-graduates with a focus on Industry needs and through our peer-based collaborative learning approach, we deliver 90% curated hands-on specialised technical skills that are in-demand by the industry today across Africa.


Retool & Upskill at Binary (Labs)

Hands-On Skills

Our cohorts acquire hands-on skills & abilities through learning from experts practicallly in our extensive lab enviroment facilitated by experienced expert instructors and facilitators.

To Show You How ....

Expert Mentorship

Binary (Labs) has assembled a team of mentors who are veterans with a track record of designing and deploying technology products & services for successful companies across AFRICA.

To Teach You How ....

Industry Collaboration

Our core value is centered around collaboration with Institutions and the Industry in order to collectively develop skilled technical talent with domain-specific hands-on expertise.

To Challenge You Further ....

Collaborations & Partnerships

Collaborative Peer Based Learning Through

Curated and Specialized Hands-On Industry Skills.

Acquire practical and in-demand real-world technical skills through collaborative peer-based hands-on approach.

Success Stories

From Binary (Labs) Alumni

Don't just take our word for it - read what our alumni have to say about their experience at Binary (Labs). From landing their dream jobs to starting their own successful businesses, our alumni have gone on to achieve great life goals and impact society for the better.

“Binary (Labs) transformed my life and career. Their hands-on workshops and bootcamps equipped me with in-demand technical skills, leading to my dream current tech role”

Sudi Said
Network Admin, SubLink Africa