Systems Infrastructure Administration

The Binary Institute (Labs), project based System Admin Foundation is 90% hands-on technical specialisation.

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System Administration Overview

System Administrators or SysAdmins for short, are an information technology professionals who supports a multiuser computing environment and ensures continuous, optimal performance of IT services and support systems. Sysadmins are responsible for ensuring the uptime of companies computers and servers. Take a journey into the world of system administration deployments, maintenance and scaling of organisations information technology systems. Gain curated foundational technical skills in systems administration while working on real world open-source server software and vendor hardware.


System Administration Skills Covered

Learning the latest Systems Administration techniques will contribute significantly to your knowledge and skills needed for employability and innovation. The SysAdmin skills are fundamental in the establishment and operation of Internet Services.

OSI & TCP/IP Stack
IP Networking
Server Deployment
OS Installations
SeLinux & Firewalls
User and Root Management