Systems Infrastructure Engineering

The Binary Institute (Labs), project based System Engineering Program is 90% hands-on technical specialisation.

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Systems Engineering Overview

System Engineers or SysEng for short, maintain information technology system ensuring maximum uptime, accessibility and reliability. Take a journey into the world of scalable Internet systems designs, development, testing, deployments, maintenance and scaling of organisations information technology systems infrastructure. Gain advanced curated technical skills in systems administration while working on real world open-source server software and vendor hardware.


System Engineering Skills Covered

Learning the latest Systems Engineering techniques will contribute significantly to your knowledge and skills needed for employability and innovation. The SysEng skills are fundamental in the establishment and operation of Internet Services.

Server Hardening
Scalable DNS Servers
Scalable Web Servers
SQL & NoSQL Servers
Scalable Mail Servers
SMTP, IMAP & POP3 Servers