True Engineering is that which Improves Peoples Standards of Living.

From Apps Developers, Software Engineers, Systems Administrators, Network Engineers and Cyber Security Experts, all these technology experts make it possible for our modern society to thrive as the fourth industrial revolution takes shape in this fast paced modern world.

Binary (Labs) In Tanzania

Binary (Labs)

Binary (Labs) focuses on the practical implementation of Software Applications, deployment of Internet Servers and Telecommunication Networks to solve complex sustainable development societal challenges. We assemble a team of real-world expert tech-engineers with proven industry best practices and domain expertise to provide high value training & capacity building aimed at impacting binary labs students with real world-class technical skills that are critical to businesses missions and objectives.

"Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it."

- Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere

Binary (Labs) is an innovative and creative engineering lab which has been at the forefront of hands-on technical skills capacity building in pursuit of sustainable social economic and digital transformation of AFRICA.

Staff and Mentors

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO

CR is leading Binary Labs's remarkable journey towards equipping the youth with advanced tech skills that are inline with sustainable development goal 4. With a passion for innovation and a profound commitment to bridging the gap between academic education and industry skills demands, CatherineRose leads Binary (Labs) team with support from Noah, to ensure inclusive and equitable on-demand hands-on technical skills transfer and placement opportunities among graduates and professionals alike.